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Sue Polley
I have over 30 years sales experience and have worked with global businesses. I have run a successful team of 20 staff generating new business and direct sales for a National innovative home improvement company, I trained in American sales and hosted exhibitions at the prestigious Ideal Home Exhibition.

From here I ventured onto Telewest and Trinity Mirror Group establishing a new Regional Business Team in East Anglia.

My next move was to relocate to Spain with my Daughters and, after learning the language, sourced opportunities with a local Spanish Television Company generating new business and then onto a Spanish Advertising Agency.

After 5 years home was calling, and with the experience of the expat market I found myself working for a global financial services company, making appointments for IFA's in Europe and the Middle East working within their time zones.

After generating new business for so many companies, I decided to take the step and generate business for myself. With my expertise and knowledge, I can help you move your business forward.

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