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Do you know the difference?

It's sometimes confusing. You hear the word TELE and you shudder. You don't hear the rest of the word. Your mind instantly thinks of those painful calls you get when you're having dinner or watching the TV. You know the ones, asking you to complete a survey, trying to sell you pensions and life insurance!! COLD CALLING!!!!! YUK!
Many people think that this is telemarketing. 
STOP IT! It's not.
Read on and you will find out the huge difference between the two and how one of them can help you with a more holistic and long term approach to sustainable business growth.




"the selling of goods or services over the telephone".

This is the COLD CALLING we speak of. Telesales people, tied to their desks for many hours a day, working on commission and trying to get you to buy something you don't really want or need. 
This is the sharp end. The kind of activity we've all seen in films like Wolf of Wallstreet. Makes you shudder doesn't it. Not only do you have to put up with telesales at work all day but you go home and someone is trying to flog you their products and services while it's your time.
I'm not saying that telesales does not have it's place in the world, just that there is a better way to win new business and keep people on the right side of you and your company.




"the marketing of goods or services by means of telephone calls, to potential customers".


This is a much gentler way of speaking to people. None of the hard sell here. As you can see in the definition the key difference is the word MARKETING. Marketing is promoting of products or services. Yes, the ultimate goal is to sell something but it is done in a much gentler way with many added benefits.

1. Build relationships with new business

I'm sure that we all send emails, post on social media etc. Who picks up the phone and has a great two way conversation with anyone these days? You know yourself that you don't have time to read all the emails and social media posts that are out there. You will take a couple of minutes to answer a phone call. Telemarketing to your target audience not only lets you have a conversation with them but you can identify how people handle certain situations.  E.G. You can find out if a company employs staff directly or if they outsource or sub-contract. You can't do that in a one way email or social media campaign.

2. Rekindle relationships with lapsed business

Customers come and go all the time.  When was the list time you had a look at your lapsed customer list and thought about calling all those who used to use you? Some statistics say that it costs 5% to 10% more to get a new customer than it does to maintain the relationship with a lapsed one.  Also, customers who have come back to you spend more as they feel more valued.

3. Develop a greater understanding of your target audiences needs and wants

Having a proper conversation with your prospect and existing business can help you to find out how things are going and if you need to change your strategy. One of the most well know whoops moments was when Kodak, well known for their cameras in the 20th century, suddenly dropped off the radar in the digital revolution! Back on track now with science and technology focused products, they missed the boat for accessible digital photography and hence probably a rather large profit! It was the same for the recording industry who did not identify with the major shift change in how people consume music. Listen to your customers.

4. Raise awareness of your products and services

Email campaigns, social media, exhibitions, leaflets, brochure, adverts, TV campaigns, the list is endless. Be where your customer is. Telemarketing is just one of the ingredients in the colourful rainbow cake which makes up the marketing mix. How many business do you know who have people to pick up the phone and TALK to other people for any other reason than to be re-active or to pass the time of day with Brenda in Reprographics!!? Be PRO-ACTIVE.  We can help you with telemarketing and provide a holistic, low cost solution to gathering that all important information for your business, helping you sustain your business.

5. Clean your database, if you have one...

No one likes a dirty database. Do you even have one? If you are sending data to an email marketing client or to another company to use for emailing then have a think about the quality of the data. When was the list time you took time out to make sure it was as up to date as it could be? Are you still using excel spreadsheets?

Having a proper CRM or Integrated Management System is a great way to build your business, keep in touch with clients and can even be FREE!! Yep. FREE! Of course you will  have to pay the people who are building it, maintaining it and using it but the fact that the software is cloud based and FREE is a great bonus. You can also access it from you mobile meaning that you can keep up to date with what's happening on the move or even on holiday (should you wish to).

There are many free databases out there but we are Zoho Partners so we can help you implement a really easy to use system that can grow with your business. If you would like some help and advice please get in touch.


I'm sure that anyone in Sales would argue with me til they burst about the advantages of telesales. However, we Bell is a marketing and business development consultancy. We will help you to raise awareness of your products and services using our great skills in developing relationships and making telemarketing work for your business.

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