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Rod or Net?

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It's an age old problem.  One that many small businesses face on a regular basis. Your business is doing well initially but business environments are always changing and you never know where the next competitor is coming from.

If you are a small business you know that there are more important things to budget for than sales and marketing. You know it needs to be done but you carry on using the rod approach.  

It's a struggle, running the business daily, looking for new clients (the fish in this case).  Of course you can use social media and a few emails here and there.

You can or you wouldn't be reading this.

However, just imagine what you could do with a net. Obviously, catch more fish.  

Business metaphors are everywhere.  None more relevant than the quandary of using the singular approach of muddling through with just you and a rod or investing in a net.  

If you do decide to invest in that net you may need the experience and advice of those who have used a net before.

OK, I'm rambling on now.  My point is that, after speaking with many small businesses, all using the rod approach, our research at Bell Consultancy has found that taking that step towards a more strategic and professional approach to sales and marketing is something that many of you really need to do.

Myth: it costs too much! Myth busted: it doesn't have to!

With the right people and knowledge a lot can be done with a small budget. Yes, there are agencies and consultants out there charging a fortune to small businesses. On the way they create negativity and the thought that outsourcing your sales and marketing does not work. This is what many of our now successful clients tell us.

​Bell Consultancy are a small, outsourced sales and marketing department, especially set up for small businesses like yours.  The two of us will come to you for a coffee and a chat about the problems facing your business and help you take that all important step towards getting your net in the water.

www.bellconsultancy.eu - Happy fishing!

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