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Leave the small fish to the small fish

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So, here we are again.  Another metaphor! We're sticking with fish though so it's ok.

As a micro business Bell Consultancy are constantly speaking with other micro businesses about the challenges they face when looking to outsource services. Particularly website building.  Too many of our clients put all their trust in a bigger company who promise the earth and fail to deliver.

Just last night I was with a client who had been charged over £3,000 for a website which had no SEO, no meta tags, no easy to manage CMS. The proposal guaranteed "Global Reach"!!  Mmmmm.  For a small local business serving a 20 mile radius of their location global is the least of their worries.  They also promised full training then handed over a site which was impossible to manage without a good knowledge of coding!

So these are the Big Fish I speak of. Big Fish are looking to gobble up many small fish to fill their bellies. They don't care about the small details and the concerns of the small fish. They may say they do, like our angler fish above. They like to lure small fish in with big promises and then fail to fulfill the commitment leaving the small fish lost, frustrated and, in many cases, out of pocket.

Why am I saying all this? It's difficult for a micro business such as ours to compete with these Big Fish. We are small fish too and understand more about other small fish than Big Fish do. We have the same frustrations and worries when looking to outsource any services.  Accountancy, finance, website...the list goes on.

If you are a small fish and want to speak with another small fish who won't promise things they can't deliver and understand you, then you need to get in touch with us.

Sue and Marie-Ann at Bell Consultancy.  Your Outsourced (Small Fish) Sales and Marketing Department.

No Piranha need apply!!
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